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Honey with apple ECO-MedOK, 320 grams

Honey with apple ECO-MedOK, 320 grams
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Honey with apple ECO-MedOK, 320 grams
Counting calories throughout the day? Do you drink tea without sweets? See others enjoying chocolates, cakes, and other treats and just sighing? Stop torturing yourself. Hurry up to buy quality honey in Kiev.
Have you tried honey with apple? Not? Then hurry up to fix it. Delicate taste and combination of unusual fruity notes will not leave you indifferent.

Maximum benefit
Adults and children know about the benefits of apples and honey. Now imagine their connection. This is a real vitamin bomb, energy for the brain and muscles and, of course, a good mood. When a person enjoys eating, he experiences an emotional uplift.
Honey with apple is a great addition to tea. They can be pampered by guests or children. Avoid store-bought sweets and other treats in favor of a natural dessert.

An original and inexpensive present
If you are looking for an unusual gift, honey with an apple in a glass jar is a good option. You can give it for any reason:
• for birthday;
• professional holiday;
• housewarming;
• wedding anniversary, etc.

If you don't know where to buy packaged honey in Kiev, hurry to use the services of our online store. We have low prices, but the products are environmentally friendly and safe.
Eat sweets with health benefits!
Additive with dried fruits
type of dessert
Name Honey with apple
Ingredients natural honey; apple
Net weight 320 grams
Producing country Ukraine

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