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Buckwheat honey ECO-MedOK, 350 grams

Buckwheat honey ECO-MedOK, 350 grams
Buckwheat honey ECO-MedOK, 350 grams
Once you have tasted buckwheat honey, you will never again confuse it with other types of delicacies. Just one spoonful and you will be carried away into the world of insane taste and aroma. Honey pleasantly warms the throat, warms up in a cold cold, gives a good mood and energizes.
If you want to buy honey in Kiev, use the services of our store to evaluate the taste and benefits of a natural product.

Tasty and healthy
In buckwheat honey, rich sweet notes with a slight bitterness are closely intertwined. It gives a slightly tart taste, but at the same time it does not repel, but attracts like a magnet. Over and over again you will want to put a spoonful of fragrant delicacy in your mouth to experience pleasure. Delicious natural honey is also very useful as it contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Honey present
Are you looking for an unusual gift for a slim-minded girlfriend? Or do you want to please sweet parents, but they do not want to eat cakes? Then a jar of honey for a gift in a beautiful package is the perfect solution.
Hurry up to buy natural honey in Kiev in our store and enjoy the following benefits:
• environmentally friendly product;
• natural and healthy delicacy;
• favorable prices;
• beautiful packaging designed in Ukrainian style.

Place your order now. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the taste of natural sweets.
type of honey
Name Buckwheat honey
Ingredients buckwheat honey
Net weight 350 grams
Producing country Ukraine

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