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About Us

EKO-MedOK LLC is a Ukrainian company that has been producing and selling natural honey throughout Ukraine and abroad since 2013. We also produce honey with nuts, dried fruits and other additives, honey sticks "YUMMY" in five flavors. 

If you are planning to buy packaged honey in Kiev, we suggest using the services of our company.

We are engaged in the packaging, packaging of honey gift sets. We are ready to make your life sweeter without harm to your health. 

With us, the problem of creative gifts for loved ones, friends, employees or clients will be forever solved.

Why is it worth making a purchase at EKO-MedOK

Hurry up to buy honey from a producer in Kiev in our company and evaluate the following benefits:

1. Huge assortment. The catalog contains pure honey and honey desserts. We offer honey gift sets of different types. You can easily find an option for any occasion.

2. Only natural products. We know exactly what our products are made of. Honey is collected in an ecologically clean area, so there are no foreign impurities and additives in it.

3. Extensive geography of activities. Our products are presented in many Ukrainian networks. We also export goods abroad. When ordering goods through the website, delivery is possible to any corner of the world.

4. Favorable prices. We keep prices low and offer impressive discounts for bulk purchases.

5. High quality. We have certificates of conformity confirming the high quality of our products.

By contacting us, you can buy high-quality honey in Kiev, as well as try a unique product - honey stick "YUMMY". This is a great alternative to traditional sweets for children and adults.

Available in 5 different flavors. 

If you want to buy honey in bulk in Kiev or order a gift set of honey, contact us in a convenient way.

We cooperate with individuals and legal entities. Call or write to order a fragrant and healthy sweet at no extra cost!

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