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Natural honey

How to choose natural acacia, linden, May honey?

Buying honey will be a rational decision, since this natural delicacy is distinguished by the enormous benefits that it has on our body. At the same time, to obtain the desired effect, you will need to buy farm honey, which does not contain artificial impurities in its composition. How to choose it?

Recommendations for honey buyers

Natural honey from a farmer has a certain consistency, which helps to determine its quality. The composition should not have sediment or delamination. The consistency should be as uniform as possible. If honey is fresh, then it is very liquid, but by the end of the year it acquires a thicker consistency. Honey, which does not crystallize after a year from the moment of packaging, is falsified. To choose natural honey that will retain its liquid form longer, you should use the acacia variety.

Taste qualities of natural honey are as follows:

• moderate sweetness;

· The presence of a pleasant bitterness;

· Causes a slight sore throat.

If honey seems unnaturally sweet, then this is the best reason to doubt its quality. If you are going to buy farm honey Kiev, you should definitely appreciate its aroma. Natural honey smells like flowers. If you have a fake composition in front of you, then it smells like caramel or has no distinct smell at all. When examining honey, you should pay attention to its color, which depends on the origin of the honey. Linden composition is amber, and buckwheat - brown. The lightest is flower honey.

In our store you can order natural May honey from the manufacturer. We will provide each client with additional information about the origin of honey, favorable prices and prompt delivery.

Brand: Eko-medok SKU: 27741306
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May honey is a natural delicacy that can be eaten by both adults and children. It can be consumed as a bite with tea, warm milk, or other beverages. The rich sweet taste of the delicacy will appeal to even real sweet tooths. You can buy high quality honey in Kiev, but at an affordable price, you can..
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Linden honey will allow you to turn tea drinking into a real tea ceremony. This is a great alternative to the unhealthy sweets that are sold on every corner. Hurry up to buy honey in Kiev at a low price in our store and enjoy the incredible taste of a healthy delicacy.Harmony of taste and aromaLinde..
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Flower honey (forbs) - is collected from a variety of flowering plants, based on this color, taste can be completely different.Flower honey (forbs) is a natural delicacy that both adults and children can eat. It can be consumed with tea, warm milk or other drinks. The rich sweet taste of the delicac..
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Sunflower honey - according to our experts, this honey is the most underestimated in Ukraine. Rapid crystallization and massive honey collections of this variety do not make it popular among consumers, but in vain.The taste of sunflower honey is pleasant and sweet. A barely noticeable bitterness add..
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Brand: Eko-medok SKU: 27741715
Linden honey is made from the nectar of linden flowers. Linden honey has a hue ranging from yellow to amber. Linden honey is sweeter than other varieties, since lime honey contains 39% levulose and 36% glucose, which gives it an increased sweetness.The process of crystallization of this honey begins..
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The EKO-MedOK company is ready to carry out packing and packaging of honey at your request.You can choose the volume of glass containers from 50 grams to 1.5 kgYou can choose not just honey, but also different fillers according to your taste, such as nuts, seeds or dried fruits.Also order an individ..
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Once you have tasted buckwheat honey, you will never again confuse it with other types of delicacies. Just one spoonful and you will be carried away into the world of insane taste and aroma. Honey pleasantly warms the throat, warms up in a cold cold, gives a good mood and energizes.If you want to bu..
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