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Honey with cranberry ECO-MedOK, 320 grams

Honey with cranberry ECO-MedOK, 320 grams
Honey with cranberry ECO-MedOK, 320 grams
Honey with cranberries is an unusual combination of flavors that will appeal to both sweet fans and those who are indifferent to delicacies. Sour berry perfectly sets off sweet honey. As a result of the reunification of these components, an excellent sweet and sour extravaganza of taste is obtained.
If you want something sweet, do not give up the pleasure. You will get real pleasure from a natural dessert and only benefit for the body, and you can buy homemade honey in Kiev right now.

Healthy delicacy
If you don't like overly sweet desserts, this delicacy will suit you. The sour note gives a special taste. Dessert made from natural products is also good for the body. Honey with cranberries is:
• strong immunity;
• excellent work of the heart;
• good dream;
• excellent health;
• energy charge.

A practical gift
Presenting honey as a gift is the best way to show concern for a loved one and make him feel good. Such a present will definitely surprise and give positive emotions not only upon receipt, but also every time during tea drinking, when a spoonful of delicious and aromatic dessert goes into your mouth.

Our honey store in Kiev offers a profitable purchase of gift sets or a jar with a treat for yourself. We guarantee the safety of products, because we use only environmentally friendly products.
Additive with dried fruits
type of dessert
Name Honey with cranberries
Ingredients natural honey; cranberries
Net weight 320 grams
Producing country Ukraine

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